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Intellectual properties (IP) are the ideas, creativities, inventions, innovations, names, designs, trade secrets, slogans, artistries created by an individual or organization for the purpose of identity or commercial exclusivity. Registration and protection of your idea is what differentiates you from a copy or an IP theft. IP gives ownership and exclusivity to your brand, gives you the unique opportunity to attract an international partnership to earn more revenue and helps you build a more sustainable brand.

Intellectual Property Desk Africa seeks to help protect unique ideas and creations of individuals and businesses in Africa and those seeking business opportunities in Africa. We aim to help businesses and innovations become more commercially viable, sustainable and competitive both locally and internationally.

We advise on intellectual properties to register sectorally to give your idea or business the competitive edge it deserves in the operating country.


To be the leading IP platform promoting innovation, economic growth and commercial interventions for African businesses.


To promote creativity, job growth, foreign direct investments and global competitiveness by helping SMEs, businesses and creatives protect creations to attain multiple revenue incomes and profitability.

What we do Our Services

Let's help you maximize your economic potentials through :


Trademarks are symbols, names, slogans or signs that are uniquely and legally associated with a business or an individual. They are what differentiates Company A from Company B even if they belong to the same industry for brand power, positioning and competitive advantage.



Patents are used in protecting inventions of a new product or process that have never been done before. This is done to give exclusive profit right to the inventor for a period. The inventor may then license the rights to others for economic returns.



Designs or industrial designs are the patterns, colours, features, lines, aesthetics that differentiates products of a business from others. Registering your designs protects you from a copy that might harm your revenue potential.



Copyrights help protect works and expressions in music, paintings, writings, novels, poems, plays, reference works, newspaper articles, computer programs, databases, films, drawings, photographs, architecture and technical drawings, advertisements. It helps give economic rights to the copyright owner which could enable the owner to either license or franchise for profits.


Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets are the important secret information a company possesses in manufacturing its products or used in providing services. They are confidential information that may be in technical or commercial form in getting ahead of the competition or staying in business.


Domain Registration and Website Development

We help businesses protect their brand through domain name registrations for brand power and positioning. We also help develop websites that command customers’ retention.


Trade Support Services:

We offer different trade support services to aid exports and international partnerships like export licensing facilitation


Logo Design

We help our clients design international standard logos for their businesses.



We organize webinars, workshops and training on intellectual properties.


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